List of Super Cute and Funny Pun Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the holiday’s children and adults alike look forward to and why wouldn’t they, dressing up in innovative costumes, candy, the spookiness, decorating your home with spooky decor and so much more. With these halloween costumes, not only are you going to look cute but also score some pun points. We have costume ideas for all solo costumers, couple costumes and even group costumes.

Social Butterfly

All you need are butterfly wings, big size cutouts of logos of social media websites and a cute dress.

Pin or stick the logos on to your dress, get your butterfly wings on and there you have it your social butterfly costume.

Bag of M&Ms (Eminems)

Now this one is high up on the pun-o-meter. You will need a heavy duty

Trash bag one which won’t rip easily, and big cutout pictures of eminem and a comfortable attire.

Once you have some clothes on, get into the trash bag, slit pockets for your arms and legs, stick the eminem pictures and you are a bag of eminems.

Spice Girls

You can rock this girl gang costume idea with your best pals and its easy on the pocket. You can bring your own twists too.

The idea is to dress up as a different spice and together you are the spice girls. You could wear t-shirts with the name of spices written like cinnamon, nutmeg.


This costume banks on combining the two unlikely – zombie + bee

You and your pals can wear a bee costume and wear zombie makeup and classic zombie hairstyle and now you can ask for both brains and honey, get it ?


This one calls for just two simple things, a loaf of bread and tshirt or even a sash which reads “winner”

Devil Wears Prada

Who hasn’t seen this iconic movie, and you can channel it this Halloween by dressing up as a devil and wear any piece of clothing which has Prada written on it or you can just simply go ahead and write “Prada” on a plain t-shirt. You can make it more dramatic and wear a sash with “Prada” written on it.

Hawaian Punch

This is a cute couple costume idea where one of you dresses up like a boxer with the gloves and boxing shorts and hoodie, the works and the other channels in their inner hawaian. Together you will be the hawaian punch.

Holy Cow

For this adorable costume, you need to dress up as cow and put on angel wings or even a halo on your head.

Formal Apology

This costume is kind of a discreet one, you need to dress up in the most formal attire you have and put on a sash reading “apology” and you would be dressed a “formal apology”.

News Flash

Now this costume is for those who are a bit of a daredevil or who actively want to show-off their costumes. Wrap yourself up in layers of newspapers, better not to use glue and not wrap yourself too tight, you don’t want discomfort getting in the way of your fun. You should consider wearing some comfortable attire underneath the newspaper. Next you need to cover yourself up in a large trench court. Now when anyone asks you what are you dressed up as, we believe you know what to do “winks”.

Raining (Reigning) Cats and Dogs

This costume packs a royal punch. You dress up as a royal with your crown and royal attire and then bring a twist by attaching cat and dog soft toys to your attire.

Snail Mail

Another couples costume idea. One of you dressess up as a snail, which can be done by rolling a long piece of cloth like the shell of a snail and then attaching it onto your back and the other one dresses like a mail(wo)man.

Fifty Shade of Grey

This costume can be worn solo, in groups or even as a couple. Just head to your nearest supply store and get yourself paint samples brochures for the colour grey. You can stick or hang them by a thread on a grey attire.

A Blessing in Disguise

For this costume you would need a mask, even a minimalistic one would do and a name tag which reads “My name is Blessing” or you can go with a sash which has “blessing” written on it.

Heavy Metal Rock Band

Another fun group costume idea, where you and your buddies dress up as actual heavy metals. You could go with simple labels as metals on your outfit or take it on another level by wearing metallic clothes and makeup.

Heavy metals you can dress up as arsenic,lead,mercury,cadmium.…

How to make natural liquid hand soap

Once I visited my village and when I was going back to my city, there I saw this amazing small shop, where you can get many things like soap, shampoo, and other home groceries and while I was enjoying the view I saw that people were making soaps and hand soap from natural and organic things, I got very excited and stopped there and bought a couple of handmade soaps, after that I went to home took a shower and used that soap, the smell was good and it was very bubbly when applying to the body the soap gave a great fragrance to my body and let me have a nice shower after using them I got used to them in just a couple of weeks and it really made my skin so soft and silly and I started looking more lively the skin was glowing than before so when I ran out of my soaps I went online to find a store that sells organic handmade soap the price was way too expensive for them, and I couldn’t afford that much for just a soap so I look on the internet and tried to find how to make a great organic soap just at your house with stuff that will easily be available at near stores and I got it so I’m gonna share that with you how you can also make a great organic liquid hand soap at home that will work as a hand soap and body wash too.

Ingredients you will need

Potassium hydroxide 9 ounces, which is used to make the liquid soaps and is not that easy to find but not that hard either if you live in an urban city you will not have much problem finding it. Make sure to be careful while handling it as it can be dangerous and wear a glove or some kind of goggles, and don’t worry after it mixes with all other ingredients it will lose the chemical danger in the process of saponification.

Coconut oil 10 ounces, get any coconut oil make sure it’s at room temperature and not way too hard and if it’s hard and froze then make sure to melt it a little so it can be mixed.

Olive oil 10 ounces, with oil the better organic brands you use, the better results you will get so get the natural ones with not so much chemical.

Rice bran oil 3 ounces, a super easy oil to find and will be able to get from any general store or market.

Safflower oil or soya bean oil 13 ounce, Whatever you can find easily get that oil.

Sunflower oil 5.5 ounce and you will find it easily near your place.

Distilled water 25 ounce and another 60 ounce for diluting the paste, you can not use normal water from your tap for this you need to buy a distilled water bottle it’s not that expensive and you can find it anywhere even in electronics shops as they also carry it for some batteries and stuff.

Liquid vegetable glycerine 16 ounce.

Essential oils any oil is okay 3 ounce.

And any scent or color you want to add to your liquid soap it’s Up to you which one you want and what scent you like so go with your instincts.

Let’s make our soap

You will need a slow heater or cooker, a blender(hand or electronic), a jar that you will put your soap in, get a masher and plastic spoon that is durable, not low quality,

Get your gloves on and get the eyes protected by your goggles as we will start from now on.

Turn your heater too high and start to melt all the oils together just the oils only.

Get that 25 ounces of water and put it on a container and then pour the potassium hydroxide carefully and make sure you don’t do that reverse or it can be dangerous once you pour it and mix it, the sound will come and you will know that it’s getting dissolved.

Now when all oils are melted and mixed pour that water into the baker containing the oil.

Cook it for 60 min in high flame, then turn to low flame and stir it once or twice after every 10 or 20 min for 2 hours.

After that, it will become hard and won’t be stirred by spoon so get that masher in and start breaking it.

Take another container and put 60 ounces of water there and when it boiling to the high temperatures and you can see bubbles pour that mixture into that container.

Add your vegetable glycerine now and start Stirring the ingredients and leave it covered for a few hours or overnight if possible in low flame and when you come back you will see a jelly kind of form.

Let the soap rest for 60 min and then take a spoon and get that jelly above the container aside as the soap is below that in liquid form.

And it’s done you have your own handmade liquid soap you can take a bath or wash your hand with this.…

The Most Beautiful Places In New York

New York City, the city that never sleeps and always awake it’s one of the largest and densely populated city in the US, it is always busy at new York no matter what time you go out, you will see everything you want to get. The city is full of beautiful tall buildings, modern attraction, beautiful parks, and awesome food also a lot of history to go and see in their museums there are many different things you can do while you at New York City and many places you can see that will make your day.


High Line

High Line is a public park located on the west side of the Manhattan, it’s a park built on an actual and real railway line above the west side of Manhattan, opened in 2009 this park has been made a really great visitors and tourist spot and for a great viewing landscape with an awesome experience of the nature, you can take a long walk easily when you traveling in High Line park as it’s a 1.45 mile long park, can see different types of trees, sit around with your friends and just lay down enjoy the beauty of this amazing place.


Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal station is one of the most visited and popular tourist spot in New York City, the name itself give you the location as it’s in the center of the New York you may have seen this lovely station already in many Hollywood movies, it’s a great place for meeting someone the oyster bar there will let you have an amazing dining experience while being in the Grand Central Station and its trademark of the four-faced grand clock that is made up of brass.

download (3).jpg

Central Park

The best tourist attraction and the place you do have to go and visit when you are in New York is the Central Park that is located in Manhattan. Yes, where you have seen many movie stars shooting and filming their movie mostly romantic scene, because it is an amazing place to go and see even if you are a movie star. This mark remind me my long distance relationship, nowadays I use touch lamp for long distance relationship. you can do a varieties of things here like watch an act of Shakespeare play in the open Delacorte Theater, go and enjoy the view of Sheep Meadow and have fun play with your buddies some volleyball if you want, see some of your favorite artist doing a concert at the summer stage, visit the newly renovated Belvedere Castle, and many more as there are plenty of things that you can enjoy.

download (5).jpg

Empire State Building

Another one of the most beautiful spots and the best architecture building of 102 stories located in Midtown Manhattan, you may have seen it on the television and have seen Will Smith falling from the top of the building to visit in the past in MIB, the building was designed by two people named Shreve Lamb& Harmon and they finished building the Empire State in 1931, the Building is 1454 Ft including its antenna on the top of the building and was known as the tallest building for 40 years back in mid 1900s.

download (6).jpg

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

if you love art and history then there is no other place to go and see it other than Metropolitan Museum of Art it has 5000 years of art in their museum and over 2 million works to look around, Metropolitan Museum of Art is the 3rd most visited museum in the world with and the largest art museum In the US with having 6953927 Visitors in its 3 location the count was done on 2018.

download (7).jpg

Time Square

Time Square is one of the busiest and crowdies places you will ever see, mostly known for its super screen experience on the building showing many kinds of ads, and one of the most beautiful place to be at night with all those lights there are many other theater and Broadways to enjoy near Time Square that you might want to go and look at, but what many people don’t really know about that it’s the best place to go because at exact 23:57 hours all the screens in the time square stop showing ads and connect as one showing an amazing artwork for 3 min and that is what so beautiful about this place and that you don’t want to miss out.…

Best list of what to take with you in college

Moving to college life can be a great experience, it’s the first step when you get out of your parent’s house and start living independently on your own and start the adult life.

When you move to college you can get your own room or can even get a roommate with you depend on your luck, there’s been a many things on your mind when you think about college and starting college and that is good but the most important thing that you should worry about is your packing what you will take with you for the college.

So for that, we got you some best of things that everyone should have in their college packing list when they packing for college.

Body wash, shampoo, and other stuff

The one thing that you will definitely need is your soap and shampoo the college won’t provide you with one, so take it with you and don’t forget your shampoo, make sure to get your toothbrush toothpaste and other thing that you will need for your morning routine of getting freshen up including perfumes and cologne.

Shaver or trimmer

No matter if you are a guy or a girl

Everyone needs to shave some places, I’m talking about people who like their body clean and not hairy at all as the college is life for making your career it’s also the life of teenagers having fun going out and enjoying so you might always want to stay well-shaved or groomed.

Enough clothes

We all know how busy college life gets and you will have daily some kind of class and only will have time for the weekend so you might want to avoid doing the laundry every day so make sure you have enough pair for at least a week or more. yes, guys, this is for you, I know it’s fine to wear one underwear for 2 days that you might not have a problem with but still bring more clothes! And make sure you bring enough towels too cuz you might need to have clean towels every day.


Yes, the college provides you with bedsheets and you might don’t want to take that but I would recommend taking one, as you don’t know how many people have been in that room and what kind of things they have done in your bed, so if I were you I would surely get a new bed sheet and save me from any chance of getting germs and other kind of diseases so take one with you or maybe 2 it’s up to you.

Take a filtered water bottle

Going to college you won’t be given the purity of water, so if you want to stay safe and disease free I would recommend taking your own water bottle that can filter you water there’s a lot of on Amazon and other online stores so order one and be safe on your college year and make sure to drink from that only if you want healthy water.

Shower caddy

So get one where you can put your shower stuff almost everything you need in your shower get all those in that and get ready for college, there are many kinds of shower caddy like fabrics and plastic one it’s up to you what you want I personally would get plastic it doesn’t get wet and don’t have to worry about drying them.

Hangers and If you can take a mini cabinet

You will get a drawer on college but not enough space for sure, and if you are a girl we all know girls have so many things to put so make sure you take your hangers to hang your clothes on the drawer and if you can take an extra cabinet for yourself not to big just to make sure to keep your shoes and stuff, believe me, it can be very useful in your room.

Get speaker

Get a mini speaker that you have a good battery life for your entertainment because while college life is super cool inside college, it’s also super boring inside the dorm so you might want to have some kind of entertainment and what’s better to have music right? You can easily get a wireless speaker with good sound quality under 100 bucks. So get a speaker which you can easily play your music there are many speakers that have good sound quality and great battery life so explore any online shop and get one for you.

And that’s all the basic stuff you will need to go to college and if you want to add anything you like it’s up to you but this is my list of stuff you must-have when you moving to college life.…

11 Charming American Towns Worth Taking a Road Trip to Visit

Some are born with wanderlust and some are not but with the advancement of modern technology, travelling has become cheaper and more convenient. People travel for a variety of reasons, here are some lesser-known American Towns you can travel to which are guaranteed to charm you

Oak Park, Illinois

Oak Park is known for its historically significant architectural works. World-renowned Architect Frank Lloyd Wright spent the first two decades of his seven-decade career in years of his 70-year career in Oak Park, building numerous homes in the community, including his own home.

Attractions: Ernest Hemingway Birthplace, Oak Park Conservatory

Deadwood, South Dakota

Deadwood was popularised by the telecasting of the television show “ Deadwood” which showcased how the town is a haven for history buffs. The town is well known for the daily reenactments of its “Wild West” history. The town has a rich mining history.

Attractions: Adams Museum, Haunted Tours, Site of Wild Bill’s infamous death

Logan, Ohio

Logan is the most beautiful in the fall with its diverse landscape, making it a perfect road trip destination for nature lovers. The town offers good food, music and arts at affordable prices.

Attractions: The John Glenn Astronomy Park, Washboard Music Festival, Pencil Sharpener Museum

Bristol, Rhode Island

Bristol is known for the well preserved historical sites right from the period of its founding. You can visit charming churches, mansions, shops from the olden days. The town is an ideal water-front vacation destination for families.

Attractions: Narragansett Bay, Colt State Park, Herreshoff Marine Museum

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, as the name suggests, is a port town and was the foremost ports to come into existence during the colonial period. There are many colonial-era buildings that you can visit in the city. This city has been playing host to visitors for about 4 centuries now and has unmatched hospitality.

Attractions: Eisenhower House, House Fort Adams, Newport Mansions

Northampton, Massachusetts

Northampton is known for its myriad of festivals including New Years’s Eve party, transperformance where locals take on the personas of famous musicians and put out an act. The town is also known for its farmers market where visitors can experience Northampton’s locally grown produce.

Attractions: Smith College Museum of Art, Academy of Music


Northampton has garnered quite a bit of reputation as an arts destination with its beautiful mural and paintings by word-class artists. The town has serene landscapes and farm to table restaurants which

Attractions: Cedar Creek Battlefield, Hupps Hill Civil War Park

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Plymouth is the origin place of the Pilgrim and Wampanoag story and also the birthplace of the most American of holidays, Thanksgiving. The town is full of history and historical locations, the landing of the Mayflower pilgrims being one of the prime attractions.

Attractions: Pilgrim Memorial State Park – Plymouth Rock, Plimoth Plantation

Trinidad, Colorado

Trinidad is bounded with a rich mining history and even has a memorial dedicated to the contributions of the miners in the economy of Trinidad. The town has scenic locations with museums and an amazing selection of restaurants with food that would make you want to visit Trinidad again and again.

Attractions: Baca House (home of the founder of the town, Felipe Baca), The Bloom Mansion

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Springs is popular as a resort town and has been a popular vacation destination for over two centuries now. The most popular attractions of the town are its healing waters and architecture belonging to the Victorian era. Its a diverse city with festivals, music, fine- dining and outdoor adventures. The scenic beauty is unmatched so much that its a popular destination for hosting weddings.

Attractions: Quigley’s Castle, Ozark Mountain Ziplines, Christ of the Ozarks

Birds-in-hand, Pennysylvania

If you want to absorb in a whole new culture, this little town in Amish Country Pennsylvania is the ideal location where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and history. You can participate in their “mud sales” and their local activities including Amish horse-and-buggy rides and a farmer’s market. You can also savour Pennsylvania Dutch food buffet most of which sources its ingredients from local Amish farmers

Attractions: US Hot Air Balloon Team, Cornfield Banquet

While all the above towns are rich in history and culture, it is important to plan your trip according to the best time to visit these towns. Each town would have a different time of the year which would be the ideal visiting time, especially if you are interested in participating in any of their festivals. Learning about the local culture and mannerisms of the townspeople before visiting can make the trip convenient for you.

Through your entire visit, be respectful towards the locals, their beliefs and culture and their monuments. Follow the local rules and leave the town as pristine as you had found it on your arrival.

Happy Holidaying!